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Our wedding photography service includes three photographers from the beginning of your special day to the conclusion of the wedding celebration. We will travel to both residences, the ceremony and the celebration. We will also attend the rehearsal and address any concerns at this time. We should have approximately 500 to 700 photos on a CD or flash-drive.
We make a DVD slideshow with the best photos with your choice of music in the background. The DVD usually runs about 3 or 4 songs long.
Also you may choose 4- 8 by10 photos plus 2- 5 by 7’s
All the above will cost $2200.00 due on the day of the wedding.
If you choose do have a coffee table book or an album there is an additional charge in accordance with your choices.
For example album vs. coffee table book
Albums usually run $400 - $600 depending on the size and number of pages.
Call Caryl for a consultation 914-400-8302

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